For Sale or Trade: > Two Suzuki Sirius In near-new condition
Two Suzuki Sirius In near-new condition
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Apr 08, 2020
4:28 PM
I realize this is primarily a blues oriented site, but have decided to list them here ... just in case.

Suzuki Sirius S-56C (cross alignment)
Suzuki Sirius S-64C (cross alignment)

Both were purchased in December 2016 and are in near-new condition in original undamaged cases.
Each was occasionally and gently played for personal pleasure by original and only owner.
Properly cleaned and sanitized after each use.
No odor, tarnish, or pitting.
Due to a pulmonary embolus, both have been properly stored and unplayed in original cases since May 2018 with all reeds and valves responding properly at that time.
Shipping via USPS to USA address included.
Close-up high definition photos available.

Contact: danersen at gmail

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