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Good Harps in Search of Good Homes
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Mar 12, 2020
3:07 PM
Before I advertise this on the traditional sale sites, I wanted to see if there was any interest here. I have a number of Seydel harps which have been stored away for 10+ years, ranging from new to very lightly used (not keys I'd normally play).

If interested, email me at bluesntrouble at gmail dot com:

Brand New/In the Box/Never Played:
~ Chromatic Deluxe - B
~ Chromatic Deluxe - E
~ Blues Favorite - C
~ Blues Favorite - LG

Excellent Condition / Like New
~ 1847 Silver - LF#
~ 1847 Silver - LD
~ Blues Favorite - HG
~ Blues Favorite - LE
~ 1847 - E
~ 1847 - G

Very Good (same as the Excellent but the comb discoloured)
~ 1847 - F


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