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Heumann Custom Mic, Cable, VC
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May 10, 2019
2:56 PM
$395 + shipping

This example is in Burl Maple with a hot, fat tone, black label CR element from roughly 1950. The element was harvested from the original Shure 520 that I sent to Greg when I ordered the mic several years ago.

This is actually a steal. The mic cost me more than the asking and I provided the black label CR which alone would sell in the $200+ range. Personal issues are prompting the sale of this my go to mic.

The grill is glued in. I do not want to take the chance of damaging the body prying the grill off just to take a picture of the element. You'll just have to trust that it is what I say it is. I'm a 16 year Austinite and I'm fairly well known around town. I've sold loads of gear with never a comeback.

Photos available at these links:

I also have for sale:
Heumann 20' 18 gauge cable with screw on connector. Used once. $50

Heumann screw on Volume control. $55

I'm offering a package deal on the mic, 2 18 gauge 20' cables, 1 20 gauge 20' cable (needs the connector resoldered) and the VC all for a flat $450!


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