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Feb 09, 2019
3:59 AM
Hi, I have a re-issue Fender Bassman for reluctant sale. Good condition [with cover] . Customised for harp. This amp was previously owned by Gary Potts , harp player for the well known UK band'The Cadillac Kings' . I'll chuck in a bonus green bullet and a good few harps as COPD breathing difficulties mean that my harp days are over. There ya go - other pastimes beckon.
£850 plus postage.

I can , of course , post photos , but I dunno how to load them on this siteat the moment.
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Feb 09, 2019
4:01 AM
The amp/ mic combination that I'm offering has proved VERY good at avoiding feedback.
Tom Lauten
56 posts
Mar 17, 2019
4:03 AM
Hi, do you still have your kit for sale? If so would it be possible to email some images?

Tom "Bad Paw" Lauten
Loch Ness, Scotland

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