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Updates to Blue Moon Website
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Oct 17, 2018
6:51 AM
Just a quick announcement. I have updated the Blue Moon Harmonicas website to more accurately reflect our new business model moving forward. We now offer a wide selection of Ready to Go Custom Harmonicas AND Built to Order Custom Harps. The Ready to Go Harmonicas are pre-built using the most popular models, keys and combs and are available for immediate delivery. We currently have more than 70 Ready to Go Harps listed on our website (with more on the way), including Special 20s, Manjis, Golden Melodys, HarpMasters, MS-Series Harps, Pre-War Marine Bands and - for the first time - Double Reed Plate Special 20s and Double Reed Plate Manjis. Double Reed Plate Marine Bands are on the way too.

If you don’t find a Ready to Go Harp that suits your fancy, that’s OK. We will build a harp to your exact specifications. You can choose the Brand, Model, Key, Comb Material, Comb Color, Setup and Specialty Tuning (if any). This will include the above mentioned and newly introduced Double Reed Plate Manjis and Double Reed Plate Marine Bands.

The website is totally menu driven and very easy to navigate and you can always just search for anything that you don’t see. Here are a few screen shots and if you click on any of the photos you can see some new Ready to Go Harps that we have just listed.

Thanks again for your support. The Holiday Season is rapidly approaching. Nothing says you care more than a shiny new harp from BlueMoonHarmonicas.com

 photo Slide1_zpslkv33w9s.jpg

 photo Slide2_zpshj0qvmdq.jpg

 photo Slide3_zps9hnak5ay.jpg

 photo Slide4_zpsjrba7fk1.jpg

Tom Halchak
Blue Moon Harmonicas
Blue Moon Harmonicas

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