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For Sale or Trade: > Custom Lone Wolf 6L6 SE Amp (New)
Custom Lone Wolf 6L6 SE Amp (New)
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Aug 10, 2018
7:08 AM
One of a kind, hand built, harp amp. This amp was built with high end components and immaculate attention to detail, to the exact specifications of the Lone Wolf 6L6 SE Amp Project.


New classic Princeton (narrow panel) tweed cabinet with four coats of varnish (classic lacquer look).
Lone Wolf custom chassis name plate.
10-12 watt output.
Weber Alnico Signature 10 speaker with harp dust cap.
Tone control.
Line out.
High/low inputs.
Dual impedance speaker outputs.
Extra-long heavy duty AC cable (8 feet).
Custom padded "D2F" cover.

The amp is very quiet, feedback resistant, and has significant volume. I built it for myself and to last for generations. However, circumstances have changed and I am willing to sell it. The amp has only been played for two hours at home.

One of a kind and top quality in every way!

Cost: $825 plus shipping. Payment by PayPal

Photos of this amp are posted here:
Third set of photos listed (Michael Driggs)
Click on far right photo to zoom twice.

For questions or more photos email: mdriggslpc@yahoo.com
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Aug 30, 2018
1:23 PM
Price Reduction: $700 plus shipping

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