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For Sale or Trade: > Looking for a Masco ME 27
Looking for a Masco ME 27
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Little roger
226 posts
Jul 30, 2018
6:07 AM
Hi all,

Anyone have a nice one? Maybe modded by Skip...


Last Edited by Little roger on Jul 30, 2018 6:08 AM
579 posts
Aug 01, 2018
5:43 AM
I do have a Masco MU-5; I would consider letting loose of. Just had it serviced by a very good amp tech.
And I Thank You !!
2 posts
Aug 08, 2018
11:41 PM
Little Roger, I have an ME25 currently with Skip. If you are interested please drop me a line and we can discuss.
613 posts
Aug 26, 2018
8:53 AM
have a masco 17N thinking of selling...new caps, some new resistors, input jacks, speaker out jack, line out jack. sounds great.

very few mods, increased a couple cap values and disconnected anti-feedback resistor, both of which better for harp.

let me know

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