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Jun 24, 2018
10:24 AM
Hi, another mic I don’t use----It probably has a total of 3hrs max use----it was a back-up and rehearsal mic—very little use—
Pro’s; 1] has cool volume control—it clicks in at ½ volume—it lets u know where u are now, and for
future adjustments
2] mic cord is long aprox 18 ft
3] well color coded leads in mic---well grounded—leads are long enough to work with—if u want
to mess with it

Cons; transformer was super glued to back of element—it came off right when I was getting ready to do sound demo; ;I opened it up and re-super glued it—-if it was mine and it came off again [doubtful] I would wrap transformer in a paper towel put it back in mic and call it good


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