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Echo-Harp Harmonica
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May 17, 2018
12:24 AM
Hohner 56-C/G Echo 48-Hole Tremolo Harmanica Key of C/G
*Maple wood combs
*Opposing sides are tuned a fifth apart
*96 Reeds
*Doubled-Sided instrument, 2 Harmonicas in 1!
*Key of C/G
Echo-Harp 2x48 The Sound Heard Around the World. Get yourself some old time religion with this vibrato harp that is much beloved in the gospel circles of the American South. Go continental with the harmonica that sounds like an accordion in a French cafe. Show your Celtic roots with a tremolo sound popular with the Scottish Highlands and the Wee Folk of Ireland. Play malaguenas while senoritas dance in the Latin Quarter. An essential harp for Mickey Raphael (Willie Nelson). A true world traveler that makes you feel right at home.
For sale in Phoenix AZ.
Make me a reasonable offer

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