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For Sale or Trade: > Vox Mini-5 Rhythm Amp, Shure SM58 mic, & More
Vox Mini-5 Rhythm Amp, Shure SM58 mic, & More
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Mar 03, 2018
8:30 AM
Selling off a few pieces of equipment. All are in very good shape, and only a couple of years old. I don’t use them much these days, and would rather have the cash to upgrade some of my harps.

I’m selling these four items as a package; they make a very good practice or beginner’s bundle

• Vox Mini-5 Rhythm amp with AC adapter (also runs on 6 AA batteries)

• Shure SM58 microphone

• Whirlwind “Little Imp” Lo to Hi Impedance converter (In-Line Transformer - XLR to 1/4" TS Plug)

• 20’ Samson low-noise cable (high quality cable and connectors)

Price: $200 + Shipping (US Only)

A quick look at the USPS site indicates that shipping would probably be around $50. I’ll only charge what the post office charges me.

Contact me at:


PS: I'm also selling (not part of the above package) one of my 3-string, electric cigar box guitars. I've built a couple hundred, but I just don't play this one very much.

This git is unique in that it's fretless (slide only), features a dowel-rod neck with a standard headstock (some fancy scarf-joint work), and a hand-built "Flat Pup" pickup hand-made by a guy in Austria.

Asking $200 for this git, and would be happy to send pictures and/or a video if anyone has the bug. They're pretty fun, and go great with rack harp.

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