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Vintage Shure 520
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Feb 27, 2018
10:51 AM

Shell dates from 1949-50. The label does not appear to have ever been painted. I've not seen another with this look. The shell itself has lost half it's paint after over 20 years of me gigging with it all over the planet. One could repaint but I rather like the "patina". You can't buy that look.

The element is a CM from I believe 1962 but could be earlier. The date code is a bit faded. Greg Heumann installed this CM as well as the screw on connector.

The box is original to the mic. It even has the original price sticker and packing! Although I'm sure they must exist, I've never seen an original box anywhere.

Reason for sale: Since taking delivery a few years back of my Heumann custom I've not used this mic. Just been sitting on a shelf in the studio. I'm nearing completion of a new record and need to raise funds for pressing, art, publicity,,etc.

NEW PRICE! $175 + shipping. Excellent price considering what the package is.

Photos can be provided to serious buyers. They're in my Dropbox and apparently the link doesn't work when pasted here.


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