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Don't like your Manji? Trade me!
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Mar 27, 2017
10:21 PM
I am changing my harp kit, going with Manji harps, and so must part with some of my Special 20s. I have a lot of them! None are new, but all are in good condition; and I guarantee you will like them.
So if you have acquired a Manji and decided you prefer the Hohner, I'm your man! Let me know what you have and let's trade. Even harmonicas with 5 draw gone (or 4, you know what I mean) are useful to me.
I am, of course, gnarlyheman@gmail.com
Thanks for your consideration.
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Mar 28, 2017
8:55 AM
Gary - If you could reverse that deal I have years worth of Hohner Pro and Special 20's I would happily send you in exchange for Manji's.
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Mar 28, 2017
9:46 PM
Offer not good in reverse, sorry--I have discovered that my new microphone (Tsunami) is sized perfectly for the Manji--the SP20s are too darned big.
It's worth mentioning that I am also happy to provide tech work in exchange for Manjis. So if you need tuning, gapping, embossing, reed replacement, etc etc, give me a shout.
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Mar 29, 2017
1:47 PM
I would trade my Manjis for Seydel Classics. And my Special 20s,Crossovers, Harpmasters, Bluesmasters,Session Steels and Silvers.

And a couple of chromatics.
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Mar 29, 2017
8:24 PM
I'd trade some mics for Crossovers
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Apr 01, 2017
8:14 AM
Rac I was going to say the same thing. Lol.

I'll trade my Manjis for Seydels.
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Apr 03, 2017
10:22 PM
Yeah, I am not expecting everyone to jump on this, just putting it out there--some folks wind up preferring SP20s to Manjis for various reasons.
I like Seydel as a company, haven't bought a lot of their harps but have been satisfied with the ones I did buy--made a Major Cross out of a Session Steel, then had Jim Antaki put in a TurboSlide, it turned out great!
But I do work for Suzuki USA, we have to assume that makes a difference, don't we?
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Apr 17, 2017
7:00 PM
Well Gnarly, if you can find someone to trade Their Seydels for Special20s. We're is buisness.
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Jan 22, 2018
8:33 AM
Hi, not sure if you're still looking for Manjis, but if so and you don't have one I have one in A I like but would be happy to trade. I only have a small harp collection and am looking to expand. Hope all's well otherwise.

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