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For Sale or Trade: > Lot of great gear for sale
Lot of great gear for sale
sell your harmonica gear here
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55 posts
Feb 16, 2017
5:05 AM
Have you seen all of th gear selling on this site? Must be tax time!

harmonica gear

Last Edited by hohnerjones on Feb 16, 2017 5:08 AM
1681 posts
Feb 16, 2017
11:14 AM
You are right about that Bob. Everything from harp sets to high end amps!
2233 posts
Feb 20, 2017
7:50 AM
I think alot of folks need to delete the old posts. Half of these are either sold already .. or not even sale posts.
63 posts
Feb 21, 2017
11:28 PM
Hi all, Is there anyway we can see this gear for sale on the computer, if one does not have facebook? Scored a good Masco ME 18P from Bigtone on this site and I am thankful for that.
1683 posts
Feb 27, 2017
5:16 AM
Killa, ? Everything on the site is still for sale, almost 300 items from mics to killer amps.
2249 posts
Feb 27, 2017
5:33 AM
I have looked through them. Some of them are not sale posts at all, but merely questions .. or someone showing off their new gear. Other items I know for a fact have been sold and are still on there. Others are duplicates.

Just saying. Not a huge deal, but perhaps a reminder to those who have sold or have duplicates, or NON sale posts .. to clean it up a bit.
1684 posts
Feb 27, 2017
5:40 AM
The site is for buying, selling trading and discussion of gear. The items for sale section is clearly marked.
1685 posts
Feb 27, 2017
11:19 AM
Site is for buying, selling trading and discussion of harp gear. The For Sale thread is clearly marked.
2251 posts
Feb 28, 2017
9:55 AM
I understand r beets. If you click on the sales and go through JUST the sales.... you will see that some clearly state "Not For Sale" Because they are merely discussion posts.

Others that have already been sold and not erased.

Some that are duplicates.


I just went through it again and it does seem that it has been cleaned up a bit, but still has a few posts that don't belong there.

Again, not a big deal ... just bringing it to your attention.

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