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For Sale or Trade: > M Hohner Harmonetta $650.00
M Hohner Harmonetta $650.00
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Jan 25, 2017
4:41 AM
I have my father's late 60's to early 70's Harmonetta with case. It has a serial # 6060 and is in pristine condition, made in Germany.

My father loved playing his harmonica and was very good at it so he bought the Harmonetta figuring he could learn it. Back then there was no home internet so he had to try and learn on his own, no luck! I would venture to say there is no more than 6-10 hours on it. He was a RR Locomotive Engineer so he wasn't home much to practice so in the case it went and has stayed there all these years.

I have several picture's so if you would like to see them please let me know which I'm guessing you will want to see them.

I have seen them sell for between $350.00 and $750.00 and when talking to Sharon Hill at a Hohner Harmonica store in Tennessee she told me priced was based on condition which again mine is pristine.

I wish I knew more about these but I don't. It has 32 keys 2 of which are white and the rest black. Some I have seen are all black but I'm told that may have just been when they were manufactured. Mine looks exactly like the first youtube video.

Make me an offer



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