For Sale or Trade: > LHWC Harp Delay (V1) and the Harp Octave for trade
LHWC Harp Delay (V1) and the Harp Octave for trade
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Chris Sachitano
1 post
Jan 23, 2017
8:41 AM
For trade the LHWC Harp Delay (V1) and the Harp Octave.

I would like to find a mic to trade, ala Huemann, such as Bulletini or one of his Ultimates.

Both of these pedals are in great shape and never been used at a gig. I think I may have used them twice at home, then packed them up. (Frankly, because I quit playing out live and I was using them in a chain with the Harp Attack, which was stolen). I would keep them, but I got a Boogieman on the way.

I would prefer to convert this into gear and not cash, but if you have a cash offer, you are welcome to make one. I believe they run about $162.00 a piece new.

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