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For Sale or Trade: > Vintage P amp project, Masco?, $125 plus shipping
Vintage P amp project, Masco?, $125 plus shipping
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Jan 18, 2017
7:15 PM
Interesting old tube PA amp that looks like a Masco based on chassis construction and circuit build appearance, but has no markings. Tube complement is 6l6 x2, various Loctal preamps, a 6v6, and 5u4 recto. It has has the original power tranny, output transformer and choke. It uses a transformer phase inverter that has been replaced. It has been worked on with new filter caps, grounded line cord, and 1/4 in input and speaker jacks. One mic channel is disabled. It is silent at rest and will pass a loud though distorted signal. Could be rebuilt was a tube phase inverter. Cosmetically good minus. Has 410V on the 6l6 plates so is good for about 30 W and would make a monster MU17 clone!
With pictured tubes including Silvertone branded 6l6s that look like GE.

$125 plus shipping. Will pack well for free. I do not have the time to work on it. I will email pics.

Jim Rossen

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