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For Sale or Trade: > 59 Reissue Fender Bassman amp
59 Reissue Fender Bassman amp
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Jan 14, 2017
9:02 AM
I'm selling my 59 reissue bassman in very good condition with 4 x 10 Jensens.
I paid 1200 for it but will take 850.
Shipping a heavy amp can be an issue so let me just say, if you don't live near southeast MA. it may not be for you.
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Jan 18, 2017
10:09 AM
Do you mean local pickup only? Why are you selling, still has stock tubes?




See My Profile for contact info, etc.

42 posts
Jan 18, 2017
1:51 PM
Not saying local pickup only but shipping cost would be on the buyer.
The only reason I'm selling is because I've been playing thru my mixer with pedals and that gives me one less piece of equipment to carry. However, in larger venues I prefer the amp but I use it less often now so I'd rather let it go.

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