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Decided to sell my superb  Harp collection
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Dec 27, 2016
9:58 AM
I've finally made my ultimate decision to stay with guitar and am selling a fabulous collection of harps,incl 2 customs at a very cheap price incl shipping...ALL in "unused condition/seriously".....$400 CONUS I'll include a bunch of harp books and cd's by Little Walter and Sonny Boy Williamson and a Lee Oskar Tool kit,also unused.I originally got a standard Special 20 for practice(not for sale here) and since I have a collectors mentality I figured I collect some nice harps to morph to,once I got good....but....I really prefer my guitars.....S0.....

Semi Custom (key A) Andrew Zajac Marine Band Deluxe.....Custom Joe Spiers (key C) Special 20......Suzuki Fabulous (Key G/Just tuning).....Marine Band Crossover(key C).....Marine Band Deluxe (key Bb).....
Golden Melody with custom comb (key G).....Suzuki Firebreath (Key A)....Two Suzuki Manji's (keys of A and F).....Suzuki Pure Harp (key Bb)....Suzuki Hammond (Key E).....Suzuki Pipe Humming (key G)....Suzuki Humming Tremolo (key C).....Bushman Delta Frost (key D).....Seydel Silver (Low F)....Seydel Blues Soloist Pro (Low A).....Seydel Session Steel/Winter Edition (key C)......Two Lee Oskar harps (G Minor and A Minor)

Books(unused....Rock & Blues Harmonica,Blues harmonica Collection,Improvising Blues Harmonica,Bluegrass Harmonica,etc.

I've "only" checked out these harps for a moment or two,when I got them to make sure they were fine.....Zero play beyond that...All perfect and in new/clean shape,with cases.....I take pride in being a person of integrity and am "only" selling these to allow them to be played.I only got into harp after 2 neck surgeries as I could not play guitar for a short time,but am back to guitar which is my first love(besides my wife...Yuk).

I can be reached at my business E-mail...mark@sirspeedypiscataway.com or my business phone.732-981-9011 My name is mark(I'm the business owner and will return calls,if you miss me and leave a number)...thanks!
11 posts
Dec 30, 2016
7:31 AM

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