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Ricci items for sale
sell your harmonica gear here
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Moon Cat
625 posts
Dec 18, 2016
6:38 PM
Email me at jasonricci1@gmail.com for details about items your interested in.
* A couple microphones (Bullet and an cool stick)
* A few custom harps made by me (Suzuki Manji's and more)
* Two old pedal boards one nice without a case (Pedal Train) and one ratty with a case..
* I have autographed Dirty Memory CD's with original animal art work on them
* Autographed 8/10" photos
* a few other items as well. Like The Bad Kinds Van...I take requests...

Moon Cat
627 posts
Dec 18, 2016
11:17 PM
Also!!! FOR SALE:
A once in a life time chance ,"Big Blue" is a 2002 Ford, E350, Super Duty Diesel Van. She's a rolling piece of musical mojo boasting an impressive 515,000.00 hard earned and socially uplifting road miles. She maintains her original Blue Color with a few rusting spots. Oil Leaks, She smokes real bad (will cause yelling by neighboring travelers), needs injectors replaced (expensive), needs transmission fluid changed (Cheap), AC hasn't worked in a year, driver's side running board is falling off, rear cargo handle needs replacing but works, windows in front and side tinted and street legal. There are probably a few things more things wrong with her but she's ALRIGHT!
Big Blue has a remarkable and extensive authentic Blues history easily surpassing any other road worthy vehicle roaming the circuit today. All other Vans are scared of her but respect her as well a feat few leaders over history have accomplished. She has toured with Nick Moss (her original owner), myself and has hosted guest touring artists like Barrel House Chuck,, Willie Big Eyes Smith, Curtis Salgado, Catriona Sturton, The Bad Kind, Michael Ledbetterr, "Piano" Willy O'wshawney, Wes Starr and many more! Features tons of original art work, captions, stickers, graffiti and advice drawn all over the inside interior. Big Blue proudly contains DNA of all kinds from the worlds best blues players their animals, wives and girlfriends...Probably not the most reliable long term solution for a van on the road but definitely cooler than anyone else's fancy cream puff rides . She likes to have her ac/heat knobs rubbed. Currently runs great. $2500.00 or Best Offer.

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