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Electro Harmonics 44 Magnum amp
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Oct 02, 2016
9:59 AM
You've probably read posts going back to 2012 praising the EH 44 Magnum amp as being a portable, compact (size of a foot pedal) solid state amp. Often used as a go-to sit in amp, it can achieve great harp sound when coupled with something like a L'il Buddy 10" speaker.

Typical retail price: $128-151.
I will sell for $95 +shipping. Includes power cord and adapter.

I also will include a Peavy speaker cab with 10" Peavy speaker FREE for shipping costs (to be determined by location. Sorry, US shipping only). You could swap out a L'il Buddy or 10" speaker of your choice and have a nice giging rig.

Read the comments on the Forum search, then if you're interested, contact me (contact info under my Forum name). I'll list it higher on eBay in a couple weeks if not sold to a member.

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