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For Sale or Trade: > Greg Heumann Ultimate 57 Mic and Shure GB!
Greg Heumann Ultimate 57 Mic and Shure GB!
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Sep 03, 2016
10:05 AM
Ultimate 57:

I purchased this Mic in August of last year with big dreams of being a club harmonica player and rarely used it (it has less than 30 mins on it). It's in great condition and comes with the following:

Ultimate 57 Mic (set up for Low Impedance);
XLR Connector; and
XLR Cable.

This ran me $273 dollars shipped but I'm only selling it for $225 paypal'ed and shipped to the continental US.

For an extra $105 I will throw in a Digitech RP360XP so you will be all set for your Blues Needs!

Shure Green Bullet - $90.

Check out this link for photos:


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