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For Sale or Trade: > Used 1847s, Crossovers, Manjis for sale
Used 1847s, Crossovers, Manjis for sale
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Jul 10, 2016
2:13 PM
I have a bunch of lightly used harps gathering dust and would like to put them in hands that get them making music. They're all little played and in excellent condition; I wouldn't consider most even broken in. They include:

2 Seydel 1847 Classic (A,C)
1 Seydel 1847 Noble (Bb)
1 Seydel 1847 Silver (Bb)
1 Seydel Session Steel (A)
1 Seydel Big Six (A)
2 Hohner Marine Band Crossover (A, Bb)
1 Hohner Rocket (A)
4 Hohner Special 20 (A, Bb, C, D)
3 Suzuki Manji (A,C,D)

I prefer to sell them in one lot for $300 (I pay shipping in US.) The Amazon value new is about $1,000. I'll consider less, but not much less, if nobody offers full amount. If there's no offer for the lot, I'll consider breaking it up, but the price per harp would go up to cover the hassle of multiple mailings. My main goal is to rid myself of the guilt of leaving them unplayed.

Email me at dss48@yahoo.com if interested.
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Jul 13, 2016
7:39 AM
Thanks David: Hope you received my reply on Wed. 7/13
And I Thank You !!
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Jul 15, 2016
6:04 AM
Lmk if you decide to break them up. I can't afford the whole lot right now. So lmk.
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Jul 22, 2016
11:56 PM
The lot has been sold. Thanks to those who showed interest.

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