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For Sale or Trade: > Bogen Challenger CC 30 Harmonica Mod Amp
Bogen Challenger CC 30 Harmonica Mod Amp
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May 25, 2016
3:48 PM
I bought a cosmetically excellent Bogen Challenger CC 30 amp on ebay.
It has a vintage cool look that can't be beat. The chassis is Red and Pewter Gray.
I sent it off to Dale at Megatone amps and he modded it into a classic harp amp. It has all the features of his WEZO ME 18 but its 35 amps. It also can play at half power. Check out the Megatone website and you will see all its features. Very easy top dial in your tone.
I have run this thru a 4x10, 2x10 and 12/10 cabinets and it sounded great.
Normally, I use 2x10 cabinet w/ Jensen Jet Tornado, as spec by the swamis in the Tone Room at DJL/Megatone.

It comes with an extra set of tubes and a studio slips clam shell padded cover, only the best covers for amps on the planet!!

I'm looking for 1000$ or best offer. Serious inquiries only. This could be the last amp you ever buy, it does it all, play live in medium size club, for studio work or in your bedroom. Thanks for looking!! Contact me for photos or more info.


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