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For Sale or Trade: > Looking for a nice mic up to 150$
Looking for a nice mic up to 150$
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Ofir Levi
10 posts
Feb 16, 2016
3:36 AM
Hi there, looking to buy a used microphone up to around 150$. Something with volume control.

Maybe a used/refurb Ultimate or Bulletini ? Madcat, etc.

Please leave details here (mail,whatsapp), and I will get back to you.

Last Edited by Ofir Levi on Feb 16, 2016 4:42 PM
116 posts
Feb 16, 2016
8:39 AM
Hi...got a great mic available, no volume control, but awesome tone..$150.00 + free shipping in lower 48 states...actual shipping everywhere else.



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Ofir Levi
11 posts
Feb 16, 2016
11:33 AM
What a great looking mic ! Thanks for posting !
I do however need the volume control, and with the module added it will be more than what I want to spend :(

Good luck my friend, sounding good :)
Ofir Levi
12 posts
Feb 16, 2016
1:14 PM

Last Edited by Ofir Levi on Feb 16, 2016 4:42 PM
251 posts
Feb 17, 2016
8:29 PM
I've got a Madcat. Like new if you want it. Jay

Music speaks where words fail.
73 posts
May 25, 2016
7:32 PM
I've got an astatic JT30vc with mc127ceramic element,volume control and xlr to 1/4 " cable; very good condition, only two minor chips in paint,$95 shipped.- Greg
Ofir Levi
49 posts
May 27, 2016
1:10 PM
Hey brothers I have purchased a couple of mics since then but that is a great price hopefully someone will contact you right away :)

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