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Pineapple Frenzy
9 posts
Feb 10, 2023
10:44 PM
Hermann's Upstairs
751 View Street
Victoria, BC

Sundays 4pm-7pm: Sunday Blues Service

Bring your blues and lose them here! Two top-shelf guitar amps and base amp, full kit, excellent sound system and operator . . . and a grand piano. Usually packed at opening. If you want to play, arrive at 3:30-3:45 and find Deb.

Wednesdays 7pm-10pm: Wednesday Acoustic Open Mic

All genres. Solo to quartet. 10ish minute sets. Harp-friendly. Top-shelf acoustic amp and vocal PA. Another Grand Piano (the venue has two full size grand pianos, one in each end). Intimate venue which is usually packed at opening. Musicians: arrive early and find Kelly.

Both shows charge $5 cover; but jammers are free (let the bartender know too).

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