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Looking for Florida Open Mics
harmonica-friendly jam sessions
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Apr 02, 2019
8:50 AM
We are going to be traveling throughout Florida in May and June. Then again in August and September. Looking for some harmonica friendly jams. Thanks for the suggestions!!!
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Apr 09, 2019
8:06 AM
We have several Jam Sessions every week here in Pensacola. The Northwest Florida Blues Society has a Jam every Monday at The Seville Quarter, downtown. Rocky Denny hosts a Jam every Wednesday at Strikerz Bowling alley.

Pensacola is only the second spot on the Mississippi Blues Trail. The Marker is in the old Deviller section of town in front of Five Sisters Blues Cafe. Lots of music there, but not jams. The other spot in Florida is in Tallahassee, at Bradfordville Blues Club. On Wednesday, there is a real funky Blues Jam at the Green Door in Fort Walton. It is run by Joe Fingas. Lots of blues all over Florida. Paradise Bar and Grill on Pensacola Beach is my favorite. Big name Blues acts sometimes. I sit in with most of them.


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