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Good Battery operated speaker for harp on the stre
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Edward Brien
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Aug 12, 2018
8:09 PM
I am new in the south ( just 6 weeks here) I have a blues jr with the the tubes tuned to make it crunchy a bit, but there is no power where the musicians are allowed to play here and I would like to know if anyone uses a battery operated audio system/pa for harp and if you do which one is good enough to be true to the blues and complex and clean enough for classical.. I will also be using it to play Native Flute so any help would be appreciated. Thanks for the help..
1627 posts
Aug 15, 2018
8:52 AM
I'm interested in this too.
Most options will be clean so then you could go with a pedal and the right mic to color the sound. It seems the roland cube is a good option.
Where in "the south..."?
15 posts
Nov 09, 2018
11:29 AM
Pick up a Pignose 7-100 (I think that's the model number) They're killer little battery powered amps that get LOUD.

If you think they're too small, then get two of them and play through both at the same time using a ABY pedal.

I use one of those little Danelectro Honeytone's and even that little sucker is louder than you would need for busking on the street .
794 posts
Feb 19, 2019
11:43 AM
If you can find a Maxi-Mouse, they are specifically designed for street performance. They have been discontinued for a number of years but turn up 2nd hand from time to time. Someone had four of them recently on a Facebook Group selling gear. Even if the battery is dead it's easily replaced from Batteries Plus.
700 posts
Apr 16, 2021
8:25 AM
This wiil power yr blues junior\
rockpal---I have one


this is a "great" 1 mic 1 guitar input portable amp--I bought
the hi z guitar has verb or chorus and sounds excellent----believe it or not the xlr in vocal sound like a good small pa not a guitar amp --- verb also avilable for vocal---it is clean -so if u want dirty use "pedals"----
im able to use it 3 times at about 2 hours each or longer on 1 charge----EASILY MAKE IT THROUGH 3HRS Or MORE BUSKING-The "acoustic guitar" sounds 80 % better than going straight through a PA---

i LOVE IT if playing indoors with power ---I still use it b4 PA--I use either line out or mic it----Now I have monitor o--n stage as well
Fishman Loudbox Mini Charge 60W 1x6.5" Battery Powered Acoustic Combo Amp Brown

701 posts
Apr 16, 2021
8:30 AM
Forgot to mention the fisHman----dont be afraid of 6.5 speaker---Its loud enoiugh to be heard with drums bass band situation----AT BAND PRACTICE i USE ---u can hear vocals and acoustic DONT BE AFRAID OF SMALL SPEAKER --IT SOUNDS BIGGER

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