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May 30, 2018
1:19 PM
i am looking for a nice bottom end to mid range growler that can keep up with all of the stevie ray and jimi wanna be's, all for the ridiculous price of, say around 500 dollars. i have read all the archive stuff and have done pretty extensive research on line. i want a twin speaker, all tube amp at around 15 -30 watts. the trouble is that if you can't plug into them you, really can't know. does anyone play through the fender 2x12 deville? is it even a good harp amp? moreover, can any amp give a harp player that break up, honey fat tone, if he is playing through a cheap red growler mic? a good mic, which i have also done my homework on, is another purchase i am soon to make. i would like to keep the bill for amp and mic under 1000. you guys are all a vast wealth of great info and i do appreciate you all, and your sound advice! thanks, mike


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