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Blues Jams in Florida?
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trillin harp
Mar 15, 2016
8:48 AM
There are definitely blues jams in Florida, but I have yet to find a reliable one. Help is GREATLY appreciated... I am currently living in St Petersburg, Florida, so anything in that area would be the most convenient.


trillin harp
944 posts
Jun 30, 2016
9:49 AM
trillin - I live in Clearwater. There are tons of open mics here in Tampa Bay. Go to the Suncoast Blues Society website and you will find all you can eat.

Suncoast Blues Society

I can't attest to how good they are. With a big family and a full schedule I don't get out to the open mics much but there is plenty to choose from.

Tom Halchak
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Sugar harp
Jun 01, 2017
8:49 PM
Finley's. Open blues jam. On thursday evening in largo is the bomb starts at 8:00 - 12:00 midnight.
Monday night in tampa at the green equanna. On south westshore blvd start at 9:00
Every third sunday Howling Buzz blues jam in land-o-lakes at ukulele brands bar and grille from 4:00 afternon to 8:00
Jul 26, 2018
5:00 AM
also here in daytona and in eustis . if yyour ever this way lets jam together!!! hahaha.

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