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harmonica-friendly jam sessions
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Aug 08, 2013
7:57 PM
In the town of Ubud where I live , or anywhere on Bali -

If you happen to be visiting or living here ... every nite is jam nite .....

Search out any live music venue , on any nite ... the folks here are happy to have western players sit in ...

Most bands repertoires will have some blues , it's become popular here .. bands include later cover tunes ... if your skilled enough and can lead a band ... they are skilled enough and happy to follow ...

Don't be shy , walk up and introduce yourself !

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messy ventura
130 posts
Mar 21, 2014
7:51 AM
Mastercaster Bali Rocks ! I've been there 3 times . Vibrant music scene mostly pop but there was an excellent blues band in Ubud last time I was there. My wife is involved with Robin at Bumi Sehet (the birthing center) in Ubud and I surf. My heart is now always in Bali.
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Jun 17, 2014
7:57 PM
Hi MV ,

Small world .. I'm from that part of Ca.
We do have some talented motivated blues pickers here ...
next time your in Ubud, for blues :
Bamboo on Dewi Sita .. Thur nite's .. I'm usually there ... Unbroken Blues Band
Laughing Buddha on Monkey Forest : schedule changes
Siam Sally Resto. also Thur. nite blues


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