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Jul 28, 2013
7:48 AM
The Beach Shack,Cocoa Beach,Florida.

Every Thursday night 8-12 midnight,featuring The Spacecoast Playboys as your host band.

The Space Coast Playboys are a talented group of blues players from all over the country who have settled in Central Florida. They cover the waterfront on the blues shore with a five piece including Mark Korpi on guitar and vocals (with a long career backing many national blues players such as Gary Primich, Evan John & The H-Bombs, Danny Gatton), Guitar Lin Korpi on guitar and vocals (3 years as weekly performer at the world famous Antones in Austin Texas, opened for Jimmy Vaughn, Son Seals and Gatemouth Brown), Scott Mayo on bass and vocals, Dennis Bram on sax and vocals (formerly a fixture in the New York City blues scene, (Boz Scaggs, The Pointer Sisters. All five sing and have more than 125 years of music experience among them. They lay down some blues, swing, and funky 'Nawlins style music, rockabilly and good ol’ rock n' roll--what would you expect from such a diverse set of professional musicians?
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Jul 29, 2013
6:26 AM
The Alley, East Orlando -Sanford
 photo alley_zps6d74164f.png

Blues Jams:
Tuesdays 8pm
Wednesdays 8pm
Thursdays 8pm
Sundays 5pm

I was on business and enjoyed 3 different nights sitting in. Doc Williamson runs things nicely (Piano & Vocals) and there will be a decent support group. It was certainly harp friendly but while the Fender Excelsior as the harp amp option was capable for the stage it was completely lost in the room (micing it not really an option). I plugged a 57 straight to the PA, it worked. This would be a perfect pedal-PA venue -your own amp isn't the plan. The various players sitting in were very good.

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Jul 16, 2014
1:41 PM
I'll be heading up to Sanford from Orlando tonight to hit the jam at the Alley. Anyone else going?

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Jul 28, 2014
12:53 AM
Hey everyone my handel is colorado kidd, moved to florida helpin my mom with my stepdads passin last may 2013 in may , so lve been feelin my way around we live in hudson fl so some places ive gone to check out alot of places arent into blues, an checkin this web site was such a big blessin thanx so much 4 yer imfo on jams around but see I really dont know anyone so 4 me its been rough.So is anyone out there that can call me @720/309/7659 im not sure this is allowed but I gotta try something , has anybody gotten the scoup on the new suziki sub30 ultrabend wow beauty of but prices are steep tthankss shoot me some linesHKR
colorado kidd
Feb 06, 2015
9:42 AM
hey yall well my out come is somewhat better these days just celerbrated my 60th birthday& someone checkin out my post got a hold of me an now im teachin them some harp so im still not meetin a lot of folksut there in florida area maybe im lookin at chekin out other cities in fl I left my Colorado no# heres my house land line no#727 -862- 7680 all im lookin 4 is a meet place ive got my truck so travelin aint no problem im getting real antsey anyout there help out a harp brother shalom coKidd A.K.A GEOFF MOSS
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Apr 06, 2015
9:37 AM
Went to the jam at the Alley in Sanford on Mar.22. Very harp friendly and Doc Williamson,the host was very friendly and helpful. I had a great time. Recommended.

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