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harmonica-friendly jam sessions
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Jul 28, 2013
4:30 AM
Please share info.
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Feb 04, 2014
7:20 AM
Last summer I had a company meeting in Dallas. I looked up the local blues clubs and found a place called The Goat. It was supposed to legendary and was an open blues jam. I got to the Goat as the band was setting up, I talked with the jam master and he said he would get me up to jam. Well, that never happened. Like many jams it was really just the house band calling up their friends to play, every time someone new walked in the door they were brought up to play. At the end of the second set i went to the guy and asked if i was going to get a shot at playing and he said yes at the end of the last set.To which i said F--- You. I sat there 3 1/2 hours waiting to jam and it never happened. There were several guitar players that were never allowed to play that were there all night. The biggest table in the house was a bunch of people that had come to listen to a guy on his birthday. They all left @ 1 am after he never got his chance. Bottom line is, if you want to jam in Dallas, don't go to the Goat.
"Blues with a vigor and determination hitherto unknown to the people of this area." Mudflap Nichols
Thievin' Heathen
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Nov 14, 2014
10:33 PM

The "get your friends up" clique happens everywhere. The House Band playing the first set is fairly common. What's worse is having to sit through a garage band jam for the following set. I have played at The Goat, so I can say they got me up and they really don't know me. They run several different jams there on different nights of the week. It sounds like you were there on a particularly busy(busy for musicians)night. I am sorry that was your experience. Those guys are pretty good about juggling the walk-ins who might be just about any of the Dallas club pros. It was heavy with some very good jazz guys one Monday when I was there.

Of course, the optimum situation is the small jam where they are badly in need of a horn section and a B3, but there is only a harmonica player and you are it. It happens, and sometimes it happens at a place called Strokers on Wednesday night and that jam is run by the same guy who runs the Thursday night jam at The Goat.

When you find yourself in Dallas again, if you will look me up, I will be glad to try to find the jam where I am recognized, and not despised, and perhaps we can play that "friend of the band" card. If nothing else, we can talk harmonica for 3 1/2 hours while we wait.

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Dec 26, 2014
10:35 AM
Check out The Keys Lounge in southwest Fort worth. Thursday jam with Bobby Counts. There is always something going on there, the website is www.keyslounge.com.
Mambo's Tapas Cantina downtown Fort Worth is good on Thursdays as well. The website is http://www.mambosfortworth.com.
Both of these are good, smoke free, friendly environments to go out and make some noise.
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Jul 03, 2015
4:40 AM
Back in 1996, J&J’s Blues Bar, Fort Worth,(closed now), had a jam consisting of all jammers, the house band sat out on their break. There were that many jammers. There was a blues electric fiddle player, sax, brass, in fact there were too many jammers for the damn jam all at once. At least 3 harp players, I had to wait. Never seen another place like it.
Eric Devonport
Nov 25, 2016
8:15 PM
Here is a pretty good updated open / jams spots in and around the Dallas area. https://www.facebook.com/notes/dallas-area-open-mics/current-open-mic-schedule-dallas-area-open-mics-group-established-10312/389294901145402

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