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Jan 18, 2013
1:47 PM
Thanks for posting the links! Just looked at first one so far; I don't think I've seen footage of Sam Chatmon before.

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Jan 20, 2013
6:29 PM
Bruce: Thanks, I've never seen these before, but am familiar with the name and work of Alan Lomax. You're right, these are definitely real treasures!
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Jan 22, 2013
12:01 AM
This is off topic but this site has a plethora of information that has a range from sports to catching catfish by hand. I am originally from a small town northeast of the Twin Cities and I just found a clip about the Minneapolis Wrestling Club that was so interesting. As a teenager we would go down to St. Paul and watch the oldtimers wrestle and a couple of these guys were still active - amazing. Our school janitor was a wrestler as well and used to talk about how real working the circuit could be on the body but it sometimes did pay off. Like the irish fighters or the black musicians this was sometimes a way to get out of poverty.

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