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Harmonica notation software?
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Feb 09, 2011
8:15 PM
I've been starting to try and pick out tunes by ear. Is there any software for notating harp? I have Finale Notepad, but it is useless when it come to harmonica (tab anyway)!
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Feb 09, 2011
9:50 PM
Harmony Assistant, once you find where the harmonica option is. You have to look for it the first time, but after that, it's right there on your screen when you want tabs. I think it's hidden under either "organ" or "wind instruments."
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Feb 10, 2011
3:31 AM

Below is the link to some great free applications from Seydel.

First is a programme named Melody Recorder. Download the free software from Seydel and plug a mic into your pc. This programme acts as a tuner giving an accurate readout with the cents difference from zero (you can also set the frequency 440,443, etc., according to how your harp is tuned. It will also record a series of single notes you play which can be added one by one to the text bar and saved.

There is also a free tab tool harmonica notation program which is very extensive and handles mutiple tunings and transpositions to chromatic etc., Truly impressive.

You can also download the instruction manuals for both programmes.


It's also worth checking out this guy's excellent site as he explains the programme's available features.

LINK Harmonica Tool YouTube Channel

Grey Owl YouTube
Grey Owl Abstract Photos

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