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'Spanish Moon
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Jun 25, 2024
6:25 PM
ok actual sheet music has 4 sharps Key E
but chords are C#m7 with bounces on F# n E sorta????
Im Lost on this one

so maybe Aeolian scale[mode]???

Basically in street key its C#m

Tried F#m nat minor tuned its ok
tried B harp briefly -- got to find it again ok
I m gonna try 5th pos in A
I'll bounce between those till somthin clickes
has anyone covered this or know of any u tube covers on harp--cant find anything--thanks in advance

Heres the version

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Jun 26, 2024
7:33 AM
I´ve played it back in the day (one of my all time favourite records BTW) and found 5th position (C# on an A harp) most comfortable.
B harp in 3D is an alternative.


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