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Mic wiring.
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Kevin O'Leary
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Jun 08, 2024
6:41 PM
I am about to install a low z Shure CM element into my bullet mic. Is anyone able to help me with how to wire in a mini transformer to raise the impedance? The mic has a volume control and a quarter inch Jack. Any help greatly appreciated.
2358 posts
Jun 10, 2024
7:05 AM
There are a number of threads on MBH and other sites around this topic. The specific CM element being used is one issue noted in how you should go about wiring. There are mic sites and Shure mic sites that have specifics on adding a transformer to change from low to high z.

I stand by the KISS approach (keep it simple, stupid!) that I try to apply to everything. I suggest you buy a Shure A95UF low to high-z impedance matching in-line transformer and avoid the hassle of wiring a transformer into your mic. Just wire it low-z with an xlr connector and add an in-line transformer to convert to high-z for your amp.

Doug S.
Kevin O'Leary
2 posts
Jun 10, 2024
1:49 PM
Thanks Doug.

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