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Holland Westside 4x10 Amplifier
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Adam Pritchard
140 posts
Apr 15, 2024
10:56 PM
Just picked one of these up. Sounds great but does anyone here know anything about them?
283 posts
May 02, 2024
12:32 PM
I had one 20+ years ago and never got completely satisfied with the sound - possibly I didn't have the right mic or was not tongue blocking enough during that time. Dave Kott at greenbullets.com (not sure if he is still in business) used to say he had a batch of mods he could do to improve the Westside 35 as a harp amp.

The Westside 35 was made by Holland Amps, which I believe went out of business years ago. They had a shop in the suburbs south of Nashville somewhere. I believe it was named after Westside Andy Linderman, a great player around Wisconsin if I recall.

Ultimately I wish I hadn't sold mine as a 2x10 Bassman-style amp would be a really handy amp to have. If I had one again, I would try to figure out a list of mods to make it sound more like a Victoria 35210 amp, which I played once and it sounded absolutely fantastic.
104 posts
May 07, 2024
5:10 PM
for Harpoon Man....
Last year I had a Victoria 35210 and had vintage Jensen speakers in, a 1959 P10R and a 1959 P10Q. It sounded fabulous, I liked that on cleaner tones for Chromatic Jazz or some R&B and country styles I could go with a PE585V mic and it had nicer cleaner tones. Or, go with a crystal element for more traditional Fender Tweed tones. After I sold that I had a 5E7 Bandmaster built, with 3 P10Qs vintage. I had the 4 ohm output transformer so I could either play it as a straight Bandmaster (with the 2.67 load/4 ohm OT mismatch) or by disconnecting the third speaker and boom.....Tweed Super (Victoria 35210). I sold that too since Gary (Sonny Jr) was sending me a customized ME-18 that I will use until it's time to build another Super or Bandmaster.

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