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Suzuki Manji Sky
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Apr 06, 2024
7:24 PM

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Apr 07, 2024
7:33 AM
I play a fair amount of chords and I never liked the equal-ish temperament of the Manji and the Crossover, not to mention all the Chinese harps.

I'll give Sky a try if the temperament is similar to Marine Band Classic/Deluxe or Hohner MS harps or even Seydels.
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Apr 18, 2024
2:43 PM
Sounds like Suzuki is trying to make something that feels more like a Marine Band.

Personally I've always preferred the "heavier" feel of Suzuki reeds, especially Promasters, but for higher keys I think it's great to have a lighter option from Suzuki since the heavy Suzukis can feel like blowing through a coffee straw on keys above C. (For me at least)
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Apr 20, 2024
12:51 AM
Thanks for the review - does Manji Sky have long reeds and only profile of the reed is different? Or does it have short reeds like Promasters / Pure Harp?
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Apr 21, 2024
7:15 AM
After some googling this is what i’ve found:

Reeds on Manji M-20 Standard.
- Spec.: Longer and thicker reed than other Suzuki 10 holes harmonicas.
- Features: Great dynamics in sound, powerful and thicker tone.

Reeds on Manji M-20s Sky
- Spec.: Shorter than Manji reed, and thinner than other Suzuki 10 holes harmonicas.
- Features: Very light reed response and light tone.

So it looks Suzuki’s created another “short reeds” one. I’ve just ordered some Firebreath reedplates, now need to get Sky and make comparison between Promaster / Firebreath and Manji Sky

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