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Customization and repair choices
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Old Hickory
108 posts
Mar 25, 2024
8:34 AM
I guess I’m decent at making basic gapping adjustments but would like to take it to the next level. Andrew Zajac and Richard Sleigh offer instructional courses and I’m sure they’re both great but do any of you own either of them or can offer a quick review or recommendation?
209 posts
Mar 25, 2024
6:31 PM
I purchased Richard's course and actually went up to
State College, PA several years ago for a half-day of instruction. Definitely worth the money and time. I've bought a few items from Andrew and followed a couple of his YouTube videos on repair techniques and find his product and instruction to be valuable as well. I don't think you could go wrong with either one.
7112 posts
Mar 26, 2024
9:10 PM
Agree you won’t go too far wrong with either.
I started referring to Hot Rod Your Harmonica about >10 years ago, so that’s kind of the core material for me although I’ve looked at whatever I could find over the years including some video from Joe Spiers, Kinya Pollard, Mark Prados. Kinya has videos behind the paywall at Bluesharmonica dot com.
I also bought Andrew’s material, which I probably treat as a supplement to Richard’s stuff.
I think it does help to look at the same issues from different perspectives, but Richard’s basic approach is solid IMHO.
3148 posts
Mar 27, 2024
8:26 AM
Don’t forget Rupert Oysler’s wonderfully entertaining DVD Harmonica Repair and Modification!
Old Hickory
109 posts
Mar 27, 2024
2:29 PM
Thanks everyone for all the info. I wound up ordering Andrew’s course. I had contacted Rockin Ron’s who sells both just to see if they had any preference. They replied saying both were very good with Richard’s mainly being Hohner specific and Andrew’s pretty much covered any brand.

Since I’ve got a lot of Suzuki’s I went with Andrew plus I like that he provides his phone number and will personally answer any questions that might arise. Later I’ll probably buy Richard’s too just to have another perspective. Rupert’s course looks interesting too but I’m having trouble finding it for sale other than some used vhs tapes.

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