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Crossover pozidriv size
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Old Hickory
105 posts
Mar 16, 2024
11:51 AM
I just bought my first Crossover (which I love) but I’m unsure of the correct size pozidriv I need. In the past I’ve always used whatever screwdrivers I had laying around that seem to fit the best which sometimes worked and sometimes wound up stripping the heads so I figured it was time to invest in the right tool. I did some research and found conflicting info. Some said the #0 was the right one for the Crossover and others claim that’s too small and recommend the #1. Anybody got a definitive answer? Thank you
816 posts
Mar 16, 2024
12:18 PM
I use size one on most Hohners, but, I would buy both a zero and a one. You never know what you will wind up needing.

Old Hickory
106 posts
Mar 16, 2024
4:28 PM
Thanks @HarveyHarp. I took your advice and just ordered both. Found the Wiha’s for $8 a piece with free shipping.
817 posts
Mar 17, 2024
6:12 AM
Good Move

3710 posts
Mar 19, 2024
8:17 AM
For Hohner products that require a pozidriv screwdriver, for many years until very recently, they had used a Pozidriv #1, but very recently, they began using Pozidriv #0, which is the same one that Seydel harps have been using. When it comes to small screwdrivers, Wiha is hands down the best in the business, bar none. If you use these screwdrivers for removing the stainless steel cover plate screws on the MS harp, use extreme caution and turn very gently because you have much more than just the worry about stripping the threads on the screws and the bigger worry is that the slot that the screwdriver goes into will shred very easily.
Barbeque Bob Maglinte
Boston, MA
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Old Hickory
107 posts
Mar 19, 2024
6:49 PM
Thx for the info Bob. I’m glad I went ahead and ordered a #0 and #1 so I should be covered for all my harps. Besides the Crossover I’ve got Special 20, Golden Melody, Delta Frost, Lee Oskar, Harpmaster, and a full set of Bluesmasters. I’ve got several other cheaper harps that I use to experiment with my gapping and tunings skills which is getting better since I ordered some tools from Dbomb.

This Crossover has probably been the best out of the box harp I’ve ever owned but I like to tweak and I’m a stickler for cleanliness so I’m always taking them apart to adjust and clean.
7108 posts
Mar 20, 2024
12:06 PM
I went to look at which size I’ve been using for the last 10 years. I think it’s a 0. It’s a Wiha brand but the black part of the handle is breaking down kinda like plasticine. I’ve had to wrap it in insulating tape so I don’t get it on my skin. Maybe time to buy a new one.

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