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Jan 25, 2024
3:01 PM
Recently ordered some new harps and saw the Juke. I know, a rebranded Big River. And I know a professional player who only used Big Rivers and sounds great.

Bought one anyway and I must have got lucky. Easy to play, all the bends are there and even the overblows. I was really surprised.

Great harp for the money.
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Jan 31, 2024
12:18 AM
Fifteen, twenty years ago, the rap on Big Rivers was they contained production seconds. If a run of combs didn't turn out quite right or the reed plates were a little warped, Hohner put them on the Big Rivers rather than throw them out.

But I've been buying Big Rivers for ten years and have never gotten a bad one. Marine Band-ish feel and sound, great bang for the buck.
ted burke
982 posts
Jan 31, 2024
10:20 AM
I had three Big Rivers when they first came out. The first was perfect, easy to bend, great tone and easy too handle. I bought two more and both of those were difficult to play; notes stuck when you tried to bend them. i tried to break those in for three months to no avail and tossed them out. I'm not likely to buy BRs again, rebranded or not, but I certainly hope the ones you ordered are the just the thing you're looking for.
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Feb 27, 2024
11:08 AM
There is a pro player in the Asheville, NC area that uses Big Rivers, and he sounds great.
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Feb 27, 2024
5:04 PM
I have a Big River but it’s a Low D so I think a lot of the trouble I have with it is probably about my skills. I can just about manage on a Low E. Not fair to lay blame on the harp.
I have an opinion of the Big River as an inferior unit, but I don’t remember the basis for my opinion. Maybe I formed it secondhand. 15 years ago on this forum there was a lot of traffic and a fair bit of discussion was about harp models and perceived impossibility of playing them.

As I recall, the Big River replaced the short-lived MS Marine Band. I think the MB model had a wooden comb but the cover plates were the same as are now used on BR.
I know Rob Paparozzi was using BRs and has a set with Blue Moon metal combs. I think Blue Moon was selling them for a while.

This is about the Juke though. Is that only available in C?

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