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Mismatched Speakers Types.
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Jan 19, 2024
12:22 PM
I've recently added a '63 Vibroverb R.I. to the collection. I bought one not long after they came out. Loved it. Played hundreds of gigs and recorded with it, running a Tele in the Bright Channel and harp in the Normal. Not knowing anything different, I ran stock tubes and speakers until in the last years I discovered NOS tubes and Weber speakers. I sold it when I moved back from Europe and bought another. Sold that when I bought my first Sonny Jr and started using a BF Deluxe for guitar.

Recently I was remembering how good that Vibroverb was with both the harp and guitar. The idea of having just the one amp for bar gigs appealed as well. So I went looking and found one.

It arrived with 2x10 Jensen C10q, an improvement from the stock Oxfords but not for what I'm looking for. I'm thinking of trying a Weber 10A125-O with one of the Jensens.

I have the Weber on the shelf but it's rated at 20watts. The Jensen is 35w and the Vibroverb has a power rating of 40w.

Would there be any issue of running two speakers of correct resistance but different power ratings, keeping in mind the total rating is well within limits?

Thanks kindly for any advise or thoughts.

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