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Boost Pedals for Harp
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Dec 27, 2023
12:19 PM
So I'm in the market for a boost pedal for amplified harp. Here are the ones on my radar screen:

* Burnish Boost Pedal
* MM Blues Harp Boost Pedal
* EP Booster

Does anyone have any recommendations between these three? Thanks!
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Dec 27, 2023
5:52 PM
I have lone wolf "Harp break'' AND "Harp Attack"

Harp Break gets dirty quicker and adjustable
Harp Attack is a cleaner tube sound like a bassman

If u already have enough break up think some the clean boost pedals

I listened to
MM Blues Harp Boost Pedal- i liked it a lot---but again if u r already getting good break up Id go clean boost.

i use TC electronic "spark" with my acoustic guitar---thought about trying with harp ccuz when i play with epihone 8" speaker tube--I get plenty of break up

good luck
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Dec 28, 2023
3:17 AM
Those 3 are similar, I wouldn't expect a dramatic difference between them.
They are kind of dirty boosts, not clean. They will change your tone. Keep that in mind.
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Dec 28, 2023
6:07 AM
Thanks for the thoughts, guys. I tongue block just about everything and don't have any trouble getting breakup out of my amps, but had been thinking about a boost pedal after hearing from the EP Booster from Dennis Gruenling a while back and also that Kim Wilson had used the same pedal some, and further that Kim had mentioned the Burnish Booster more recently.

I suppose ideally a boost pedal would give me some boosted lows and mids along with some compression. I'm not too concerned about clean boost vs. dirty because either way I will be overdriving a tube amp while playing.
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Dec 30, 2023
10:57 AM
I’ve tried the EP Boost, Memphis Mini and several others. My favorite is the LW Harp Octave. I leave the effect turned down to zero and dial in boost with the volume control. It has done something really good to every amp I’ve tried it with. I’m interest in tone not break-up and this really makes it happen for me. It also will help out with mics that are a bit weak.
All the best on your search for tone!
Music speaks where words fail.
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Dec 31, 2023
2:07 AM
I also used the Lone Wolf Harp Octave in that way for a few years. I found it could also seem to push out a little more volume pre feedback with most amps I used. Quite a few people mentioned they thought it had a bit of anti feedback effect. I certainly thought it was a real thing at the time.
Typically I would step on the pedal as a boost for breaks, but quite often I’d forget to switch it off again and maybe the band would start playing louder in response to my boosted sound. You know how it is.

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