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Bottle O'Blues Mic
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Nov 08, 2023
1:41 PM
Hi all. Brian from Toronto, a new Forum member, here. I've appreciated bits and pieces of Adam's videos for years, but just noticed the Forum. I play for health & enjoyment, but have recently felt an urge to play amplified. I'm looking for a relatively inexpensive mic. Does anyone know if Jim McBride is still with us, and if the Bottle O'Blues mic is available somewhere? If not, any suggestions for a starter mic that is fairly compact? Cheers.
Paul Lasicki
10 posts
Nov 12, 2023
8:11 PM
Check out BoneDaddy mics.
422 posts
Nov 19, 2023
6:11 AM
Bottle blues is no longer in business. You might find one on eBay or Craig’s list
2 posts
Nov 30, 2023
3:04 PM
Many thanks Paul. I just received the Bone Daddy 'Little Honker' in the mail, and am very happy with both the quality and price. Thanks also for Tim Douthit for demonstrating it online. It should serve me well for some time.

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