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new player to me - Pierre Lacoque
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Wailing ptarmigan
40 posts
Oct 30, 2023
8:36 AM
This guys plays some really nice stuff - traditional, with a twist (of lemon, even!)
830 posts
Nov 03, 2023
9:35 AM
I agree different note choices----I liked it a lot

Wailing ptarmigan
42 posts
Nov 06, 2023
4:20 AM
Did some reading and I believe he has Belgian roots- that may help to explain some of his sound.
99 posts
Nov 13, 2023
12:11 PM
He has been around a long time.....I believe he was one of the early endorsers, right after Kim Wilson, Greg "Fingers" Taylor, Paul Lamb, etc. of the Sonny Jr amps.
158 posts
Nov 17, 2023
7:41 AM
Pierre's precise phrasing is fantastic. Very clear and concise. His minor playing in third position and using minor tuned harmonicas is as good as it gets. He is a role model for me in minor playing. Blues for George Baze is a great example.

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