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Pedals for violin/cello sounds
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Wailing ptarmigan
38 posts
Oct 26, 2023
5:53 AM
Hi All, I’m looking for ways to use harp as accompaniment, but some types of songs lend themselves to non-harmonica sounds. I’m thinking string (violin/cello) swells or pads and the same with organ swells or pads. Also tasteful noodling violin/fiddle fills or a solo when appropriate. I’ve seen Jason(?) Kincheloe’s YouTube vid about getting organ-type sounds, but wondering if anyone has tried to get orchestral/stringsetc sound through a pedal. Maybe the melotron 9 from EHX? Thanks for any experience.
148 posts
Oct 30, 2023
11:21 AM
You may check Richard Hunter's patches mostly for Digitech RP (https://www.hunterharp.com). There's some interest sounds for those that are not much interested on on traditional amplified harmonica.
Wailing ptarmigan
41 posts
Nov 06, 2023
3:57 AM
Thank you for that. RH definitely has some interesting sounds. I’m hoping to find something a little simpler- just a regular pedal that doesn’t require downloading patches etc. And just so I don’t get banned from this community, I’m definitely interested in traditional amplified blues as well, just looking for additional ways to “serve the song”. Respect to all harp players out there, and thanks for your response. All the best.

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