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Backing track into amp
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Oct 16, 2023
4:39 PM
I’d like to run a YouTube backing track on my IPad into my Harptrain 10 amp to accompany me at an open mic. How do you do that? (I’d probably play harp through vocal mic. Conversely I would somehow play the track into the sound system and use the amp for harp.
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Oct 17, 2023
9:21 AM
You might not get the result you're looking for playing the track through your amp. If the venue you're in has a sound system, this would probably be preferable. Depending on your iPad, there's either going to be a 3.5mm stereo out and Apple connector. If it's the latter, you need a converter from the Apple to 3.5mm. Another alternative would be a small acoustic amp to use for vocals, backing track, etc. along with your Harptrain 10.

Hope you find a solution!
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Oct 26, 2023
2:31 PM
I buy and make my own backtracks but;
U need to have your own .wav or mp3 file
How d0 u get that

Record u tube and save to laptop [preferable]

download "audacity" recording program free----it records anything u hear again easier on laptop

Now maximize volume w/out -distortion-again audacity will do this

save to desktop

transfer to yr phone at that point --now yr sendin an actual wav file or mp3 'not a link' the actual file

if they dont have bluetooth on their mixer ---buy an inexpensive BT reciever ---$20-$30 amazon--

u will have to buy adapters so u can plug into a channel on their mixer --it will recieve bluetooth from yr phone

pt being playing it from utube is not real practical--good luck

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