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Oval speakers
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Sep 22, 2023
2:28 AM
Hi everybody,

I am wondering about the characteristics of oval speakers.

Here's the deal. I have bought a very nice National Stage star amp, as you might have read in my previous post.
It has 4 Rola speakers that are roughly 6x11 inches.
Unfortunately one of the speakers is busted. The cone is ripped.
My first choice would be replacing the speaker with an original or reconing the speaker. This is proving very difficult.

So, I would need to replace at least one of the speakers.
A 6x9 is an option. Vintage47 doesn't make them anymore, but Weber does (pricey!). It is quite difficult to find an old vintage 6x9 speaker that would work over here (Netherlands)

The question is: Are oval speakers worth the hassle? Or is it better to fit "normal" round speakers? And, ofcourse, why?

On internetforums I have found a lot of conflicting information. Are ovals more or less "loud". Are they bassy or trebly. The word "quirky" gets thrown around a lot. Quirky how?

Can I, for instance, use two of the original speakers and combine them with one or two round speakers? And, if so, with what? What's the soundprofile of these speakers?

If anyone is familiar with them, I would very much appreciate any info on the subject!!

Thanks a lot!

King regards,

The Netherlands

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