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Danelectro Commando build??
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Jul 14, 2023
2:47 AM
Hey everybody,

I've been looking around the net for info about the Danelectro Commando 88.
I see a lot of, mostly harpplayers, commenting on how great it is. But I have not found any info of anyone trying to recreate one.

Why not??

I have a few amps I use for harp. Super reverb, musicman 65, a homebrew 4x6L6 410. All loud and "clean". All 6L6 based. All 10 inch speakers.

I've been looking for something different. Something crunchier. Earlier breakup. Not too big, but audible in a 4 piece barband.
So 6V6's came to mind. 8 inch speakers could be cool.
Gibson GA45 is an option, but the Dano has 4 6V6's! Wow.

Has anyone ever tried building one? Any succes?
What transformers did you use, for instance?

If I go this route, I will be doing this with my faitfull amp-tech standing by.
Not the 8x8 configuration, but 4x8 with an extra speaker-out and an impedance switch. So a multitap PT.

Any info, suggestions and ideas most welcome.

Kind regards,

(The Netherlands)
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Jul 14, 2023
8:43 AM
I think the early version of Sonny Jr amps used 4x8.
For my money these vintage amps are too expensive, maybe you get similar results with pre pedals or changing some tubes.
There's an Egnater amp allows you to blend a pair 6V6 and EL-84 power tubes.
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Jul 10, 2024
4:52 PM
I have owned 2 Commandos-an early '54 which I bought from Sonny Jr and a '57 which I purchased online. I no longer have them.
My main (and only) rig these days is a Masco MA-17 with a suitcase style extension cab made from a vintage Samsonite suitcase. I loaded it up with four vintage oval Jensen P69R's, two in each half. I call it my mini Commando. It is plenty loud with a four piece band and has great tone at low volume as well as high volume.
The Jensen oval 6 x 9's are really "off the radar" when it comes to harp amp speakers. No one seems interested in them. My friend Bharath Rajakumar (a serious Little Walter devotee) hipped me to oval speakers as well as the concept of loading them into a suitcase. We experimented a lot with them. We love them.
Consider getting yourself a Masco PA head, some P69R's, or some 8 inch speakers if they are easier for you to obtain, cut out some thin baffle boards, mount them on each side of the suitcase, and I think you will be very happy with the result.
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Jul 10, 2024
8:46 PM
Hi Nicholas,
Regarding the suitcase style speaker cab, did you put any ply or something in to stiffen up where the speakers attach, i.e, baffle board?

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