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Fastest harp on my block
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Jul 12, 2023
12:41 PM

ted burke
975 posts
Jul 13, 2023
4:38 PM
As always , very fine work. I've always like your Butterfieldish diatonic work and admire your phrasing. It's dynamic and melodic.


Last Edited by ted burke on Jul 13, 2023 5:16 PM
2351 posts
Jul 14, 2023
12:43 PM
Nice playing as I have come to expect from you. Some fast stuff in there, too!

Doug S.
2333 posts
Jul 15, 2023
4:29 AM
Thanks for listening. I was wondering if anybody was still out there post covid. The last several years was like living in a sci fi movie.
892 posts
Jul 15, 2023
4:02 PM
Excellent stuff! Really like the way this flips between restraint and fire.
107 posts
Aug 30, 2023
10:01 PM

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